What is a skip tooth chain for chainsaw?

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blog details: When it comes to chainsaws, one of the most important components is the chain. It is the chain that does the cutting, and it is important to choose the right one for the job. Skip-tooth chains are a popular choice for many chainsaw users, and for good reason. In this article, we will take a closer look at skip-tooth chains and what makes them a great option for chainsaw users. What is a skip-tooth chain? A skip-tooth chain is a type of chainsaw chain that has teeth that are spaced farther apart than traditional chains. Instead of having teeth on every link, skip-teeth chains have a tooth every other link. This creates a longer gap between the teeth, which means that the chain can cut through thicker materials more easily. Skip-tooth chains are often used for cutting softwoods, as they are less likely to get clogged with sawdust. They are also a great choice for cutting green wood, as the larger gap between teeth means there is less resistance and the chain can move more freely. Benefits of Using Skip Tooth Chains for Chainsaws There are several benefits to using skip-tooth chains for chainsaws. First and foremost, they are great for cutting thicker materials. The larger gap between teeth means that the chain can move through the wood more easily, which reduces the strain on the chainsaw's motor. Another benefit of skip-tooth chains is that they are less likely to get clogged with sawdust. This is because the larger gap between teeth allows more room for the sawdust to escape. This means that you can work for longer periods without having to stop and clear out the chain. Skip-tooth chains are also great for cutting green wood. Green wood is wood that is still fresh and contains a lot of moisture. Because of this, it can be more difficult to cut through than dry wood. The larger gap between teeth on a skip-tooth chain means that there is less resistance when cutting through green wood, which makes the job easier and faster. How to Choose the Right Skip-Tooth Chain for Your Chainsaw Choosing the right skip-tooth chain for your chainsaw is important to ensure that you get the best results. The first thing you need to consider is the pitch of the chain. The distance separating the centers of two neighboring links is what is being referred to. You need to choose a skip-tooth chain with the same pitch as your chainsaw. You also need to consider the gauge of the chain. This is the thickness of the drive links. The gauge needs to be the same as the gauge of your chainsaw bar. If the gauge is too small, the chain will not fit properly and will be loose. If it is too large, the chain will be too tight and can cause damage to the chainsaw. Lastly, you need to consider the length of the chain. This will depend on the size of your chainsaw bar. You need to choose a skip-tooth chain that is the same length as your chainsaw bar. Maintenance Tips for Skip Tooth Chains Like all chainsaw chains, skip-tooth chains require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good working condition. Here are some tips for maintaining your skip tooth chain: Keep it sharp: A dull chain will not cut efficiently and can cause damage to the chainsaw. Make sure to keep your skip-teeth chain sharp by using a chainsaw file or taking it to a professional. Keep it clean: Sawdust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the chain and cause it to become clogged, which can reduce its efficiency. After each use, clean the chain using a soft brush and a cleaning solution designed specifically for chainsaws. Check for wear: Over time, the teeth on the chain can become worn, which can reduce its effectiveness. Regularly inspect your skip-tooth chain for signs of wear and replace it if necessary. Keep it lubricated: A properly lubricated chain will last longer and work more efficiently. Make sure to use a high-quality chain oil and apply it regularly to the chain. Conclusion In conclusion, skip-tooth chains are a popular choice for chainsaw users, particularly for cutting softwoods and green wood. They offer several benefits, including increased cutting efficiency, reduced clogging, and easier cutting through thicker materials. When choosing a skip-tooth chain for your chainsaw, it is important to consider the pitch, gauge, and length of the chain. Regular maintenance, including keeping the chain sharp, clean, and lubricated, will help ensure that it remains in good working condition for years to come.

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