What are the benefits of computerized knee replacement?

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blog details: Computer-assisted or computer-navigated knee replacement is a type of knee replacement surgery that uses computer technology to plan and perform the procedure. Some benefits of computer-assisted knee replacement include 1. Increased accuracy: Computer-assisted technology allows for precise measurements of the knee and accurate placement of the prosthetic components, which can lead to better alignment and function of the artificial joint. 2. Improved patient outcomes: Computer-assisted technology can help achieve better alignment, balance, and stability of the knee joint, which can cause less pain and a faster recovery. 3. Reduced risk of complications: Computer-assisted technology can help prevent complications such as malalignment, loosening, and instability of the artificial joint. 4. Customization: Computer-assisted technology allows for the creation of a custom surgical plan based on the patient's knee anatomy, which can improve the fit and function of the artificial joint. 5. Reduced surgical time: Computer-assisted technology can make the surgery more efficient, which can reduce the time required for the procedure. It's important to note that computer-assisted knee replacement is not suitable for all patients and not all surgeons use this technology. It's important to discuss with the surgeon the suitability of computer-assisted knee replacement for the individual case and the surgeon's experience with this technology. Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his team are your best option if you’re looking for the best computer-assisted knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, India, who has undergone advanced training in computer navigation surgery and uses this technique during surgery. Dr. Jhurani has been providing his knee replacement patients with this innovative therapy for the past few years. He has had a tremendous impact on medicine through his widespread use of the technique and his training of other surgeons. He pioneered computer-aided surgery in Rajasthan in 2008 and Robotic Surgery in 2018.

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