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blog details: Nature Assure is product based company whose supplies product in all India . All product is fresh and healthier for human body. nature assure is very perfect company whose provides very fast services, nature assure of website always open for provides services. this company serves Nutritive sweetener (carbohydrates sugar content 97%), Recipes(dishes, jaggery powder is very testy ), pure jaggery . Nature assure provides to special product Jaggery . Jaggery- : Jaggery is a naturally product whose is different-different name bella in Kannada , vellam in Tamil , gul in Marathi . Jaggery is a unrefined sugar whose make it a part of daily diet . jaggery contains carbohydrates ,protein ,chlorine ,betaine ,vitamin B12 ,B6, folate , calcium , iron , phosphorus , magnesium , selenium, and manganese with no fat of any kind. Jaggery is multilateral ,jaggery ate after a meal.jaggery is usually golden yellow in color and has a sweet, winy fragrance and a taste similar to brown sugar . jaggery is always popular product in India and Africa. some person think it a perfect food ,because it has more vitamins and minerals and a lower sucrose content than sugar .jaggery Implants some vitamins and minerals ,making it relatively healthier than white sugar. Nature Assure is large company of Jaggery and other products . Jaggery is made of the products of sugarcane and the toddy palm tree,the gud made from the sap of the date palm is more prized and less commonly available outside of the regions where it is made . the toddy palm is tapped for producing Jaggery in India ,Bangladesh ,Pakistan ,Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Rock salt - : Rock salt is special product of the Nature Assure, rock salt called sendha namak in India. Rock salt is fresh and iodine full salt, whose is very good response for health so rock salt is special product of company. This company provides very fast services at Himachal Pradesh in India. Rock salt purest and healthier and more natural product. Uses of rock salt -: there are uses various types work in the natural life. (1) In food -: when we prepares food then need to the salt for increase taste , and veg foods or nonveg foods uses in the both types of foods . the foods company uses to the rock salt whose better taste . (2) In house cleaning-: Some person uses for cleaning house ,rock salt is very better cleaner. (3) In medicine uses-: medicine industry uses rock salt for medicine flavour whose is very useful for skin related medicine and liquid type medicine. (4) In Water Purification- : Rock salt uses for water purification so make for drinking. Benefits of Rock salt- : there are benefits of rock salt for our life. (1) Rock salt works as an excellent home remedy for several digestive aliments. (2) Rock salt very usefull for food, increase taste from rocksalt . (3) When any person blood pressure down or high then uses to the rock salt. (4) Rock salt uses to the skin problem then used the rock salt. (5) This product is good for hair health. Side effects from rock salt-:these are side effects from rock salt. (1) Risk of hyper cholremia- : rock salt is pure sodium chloride (Nacl) whose can create headaches, dehydration. (2) Harm your kidneys- : when we need too much rock salt can ultimately lead to kidney failure. (3) Cause high acidity in body- : when high level iodine reached in body to acidity rise.


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