Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

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blog details: This is a question asked from time immemorial—are entrepreneurs born or made? Do they fall into a category, born with a special talent, drive, and the desire, nay, the need to succeed that most of us lack? Or can they be created, entrepreneurial skills learned, and the desire to succeed acquired through a strict regimen of education, experience, mentorship, and learning? Let us dive in and take a closer look. How are entrepreneurs made? Ask any entrepreneur this question, they will tell you that life experiences taught them. Most will be on the agreement that an entrepreneur is more made than born. Many entrepreneurs get started on their entrepreneurial journey with an idea—some take shape, and some sadly don’t. This is because of the lack of capital, guidance, direction, and passion. Many other such factors contribute to the separation of their ideas from implementation. To think that entrepreneurs are born would be highly limited to the young entrepreneurs who have the drive and desire to turn their idea into reality. Becoming an entrepreneur is possible by acquiring the skills and deriving the experience from mentors. Without even realizing it, young entrepreneurs have an enormous capacity for change. As they grow and take on new tasks, they become more confident and assured of themselves.

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