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blog details: Welcome here at We Are Spine, the leading destination for world-class spine treatment in Mumbai. Our team of highly skilled and skilled spine surgeons and doctors are dedicated to providing customised and personalised treatment options to help patients conquer their conditions related to their spine and return to living their most enjoyable lives. We Are Spine, We Are Spine, we know the immense impact spine-related conditions could have on a person's daily routine, and we will do our best to help patients get the best results possible by offering cutting-edge treatments as well as compassionate treatment. We have spine surgeons from Mumbai who are skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques which include minimally invasive procedures as well as robotic-assisted techniques, to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care. We work with each patient to develop a personalised treatment plan, which is tailored to their specific requirements and objectives. We Are Spine is proud of being able to count among the most renowned spine surgeons in Mumbai Who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise. The team consists of: Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj Spine Surgeon Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is a pioneering spine surgeon highly skilled and dedicated in India. The first doctor and surgeon of India which decided to concentrate on the area of spinal surgery and resulted in the development of the specialty that doctors have followed and practised.After receiving his degree from Mumbai's KEM Medical College, he was an orthopaedic physician. The increasing interest in the growing area of spinal health has been a catalyst for him to travel across the world to find out more about it. Then , he took the decision to focus solely on the spine. He set out to create the first spine center within India at KEM Hospital. The spine team was doing fantastic work, but they needed additional resources to assist in the advancement of research. Since the hospital was financially supported with aid from the State, the facility was subject to restrictions. Thus, when he got the invitation of Hinduja Hospital to set up an entire spine division in their hospital and he was a doctor. Shekhar Bhojraj saw it as an opportunity to raise more money to support studies into spine research. Hinduja was the first Indian hospital operated by a private business to house an ultra-specialty hospital within India. The doctor of medicine Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj was not content with catering to the rich and was determined to provide similar services to those who are less fortunate and less fortunate. This is the reason he founded Spine Foundation with an aim to provide affordable healthcare accessible to all. Dr. Abhay Nene Spine Surgeon Dr. Abhay Nene, a student of TN Medical College, graduated as medical doctor in the year 1995. He completed his postgraduate studies with Orthopaedic Surgery in the year 1998, at Mumbai University. His primary course of education in the field of Spine Surgery was in Mumbai through the Spine Foundation, with Dr. Bhojraj as the chief instructor in 1999. He also travelled to numerous destinations all over the world, which included Singapore, USA, UK and Germany In addition, he was awarded various fellowships throughout the world during his tenure as an associate fellow. Professor. Nene was awarded an award from the Asia Pacific educator of the year 2017-18', by the AO Board of Spine International. The position he's in is AO Asia Pacific Chair Elect for 2022-2025. He is currently employed as an orthopaedic surgeon at several hospital in Mumbai. His areas of expertise include paediatric spinal deformity, tuberculosis, and treatment of spinal tumors along with osteoporotic spine. Dr. Sheetal Mohite Spine Surgeon Dr. Sheetal Mohite finished his primary medical education at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune University in 1995. Following his medical education, he chose to continue to study orthopaedics. He was awarded an Diploma in Orthopaedics by the Pravara Rural Medical College, Loni, Pune University in 1998. He is an official from the National Board, New Delhi in the field of Orthopaedics. Dr. Mohite is also a spine specialist. fellowships at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry and at University Hospital, Cardiff and in Stanmore located in The United Kingdom. The Dr. Mohite also received training at the Advanced Trauma Centre, Leipzig, Germany. He was chosen for participating as part of the Global Outreach Fellowship program for the Scoliosis Research Society meeting in Miami, USA in 2005. Under the direction of the Doctor. Richard Fessler, he was also exposed to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at Rush Medical Center, Chicago, USA. In the present, he is a licensed consultant for the area of Spine Surgery for Shushrusha Citizens' Cooperative Hospital (Dadar Vikhroli), Mangal Anand Hospital, Chembur, SL Raheja and SL Raheja. The hospital is a Fortis Associate Hospital located in Mahim, Lilavati hospital at Bandra and HN Reliance Hospital in south Mumbai. Dr. Priyank Patel Spine Surgeon Dr. Priyank Patel isn't just a highly skilled surgeon and doctor however, he is also a highly skilled professional in the field of social work, an adventure sport fanatic and designer. He is well-known for his exceptional skills in the non-surgical as well as surgical treatment of spine-related diseases and tumors. He is the top spinal surgeon in Thane. Dr. Priyank Patel completed his residency at the highly regarded physician Shekhar Bhojraj's Spine Foundation and has received extensive international education in advanced surgical techniques. These include Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Microsurgery, Athletic Spinal Injury treatments, and methods for preserving mobility, including hip replacement using artificial implants. Doctor. Priyank Patel's reputation precedes him as he has successfully treated many professional athletes, such as those from his Indian National Cricket Team and the film industry. He has helped them recover from injuries and perform at their best level. Through his extensive experience and surgical knowledge, Dr. Patel has earned global recognition. If you're looking for the most experienced spinal surgeons in Thane search no further than Dr. Priyank Patel. His extraordinary skills, dedication, and knowledge make him an ideal choice for anyone seeking treatment for back-related conditions or injuries. Dr. Raghuprasad Varma Spine Surgeon Dr. Raghuprasad Varma received his first medical education through his institution known as The Grant Medical College in Mumbai. He obtained an MS in Orthopaedics in Mumbai and The Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. In addition, he is a position of a diplomate in the National Board, New Delhi in the area of Orthopaedics. The love for spinal surgery was the principal reason he decided to establish it as an extra-specialty area in 2001. The surgeon was an associate in the area of spinal surgery as well as later, in the position of an assistant surgeon at the Spine Clinic at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj. Dr. Varma is a prominent spine surgeon working at well-known institutions in Mumbai including Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital, Fortis Hospitals, Apollo Hospital and Reliance Hospital. Additionally, he's an in-house spinal surgeon in the Sudheendra Medical Hospital, kochi He has taught in a variety of national and international forums , and has a number of publications . He is one of the director of Vinamra Health Care LLP which offers spine treatment for both cities New Bombay Dr. Varma has received multiple fellowships in advanced spinal education from Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry as well as at University Hospital, Cardiff, Stanmore in the United Kingdom and Advanced Trauma Centre, Leipzig, Germany. Dr. Varma is employed in the Department of Spine at the National University Hospital, Singapore. He is trained on minimally interventional spinal surgery at The Rush Hospital, Chicago, USA Services to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of spines that include adult rehabilitation of the spine as well as the degenerative rehabilitation of children's spinal joints are the principal areas of specialisation. Dr. Premik Nagad Spine Surgeon Dr. Premik Nagad began his medical training and earned an Orthopaedics diploma at Bijapur, Karnataka and at Shri BM Patil Medical. After earning his doctorate in Orthopaedics along with his doctorate that was conferred upon the doctor his diploma by the national board to Orthopaedics in the Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences situated at Thiruvalla, Kerala. The doctor began his professional career in 2008, as he was an observer for doctors Dr. Abhay Nene. Later, he became a clinical fellow and later as an assistant spine surgeon which included the coordination of surgeries and fellowships. In 2012, he joined as a component of the group headed by Dr. Bhojraj as an associate and coordinator of the Spine Foundation Fellowships. In the year 2015 Dr. Premik Nagad was appointed an independent spine surgeon at the Wockhardt Hospital. In the following year the doctor. Nagad was appointed to the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. In addition, Dr. Nagad is a renowned advisor at the Breach Candy Trust Hospital.. As a trustee of the Spine Foundation and other than his duties as a professional to Mumbai and the surrounding regions and surrounding areas He oversees the fellowship program as well as regional Spine Care Centers over Maharashtra and India to help the people who aren't covered by the spinal health insurance system. If you're seeking treatment for a herniated disk or spinal stenosis, as well as other conditions related to the spine, our spine doctors in Mumbai are available to assist. We offer a range of treatments, including tests for diagnostics, conservative treatments as well as surgical procedures, in order to ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate and effective treatment to meet their particular needs. If you're looking for the best spine surgery in Mumbai, look no further than Our We are Spine. Contact us today to set up a consultation for one of our expert spinal surgeons or specialists and take the first step towards a better, more enjoyable life.


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