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blog details: Contact Address: Pembroke Pines, FL 33028 Phone: 754-203-9354 About US: Alpine Perfect Water Technologies is a customer-centric company in Florida that strives to provide you with the best and most innovative pure water solution for your specific needs. Our topmost priority is to bring the most cost-effective option that the market has to offer instead of just selling our product. With our high-quality water analysis and advanced filtration systems, you can rest assured that you and your family will drink and use clean, healthy, and contaminant-free water. Water very commonly contains hardness elements such as magnesium and calcium, dissolved rock, hence the description of hard water. Soft water is when these minerals are removed through a process known as ion exchange. If you have hard water, you may see staining or scaling build up on your sinks, tubs, showers and clothing; scaling deposits on your glassware; and damage due to scale in your pipes and appliances. You will also notice less lather from your shampoos/soaps and a filmy dryness feeling on your skin. Often, types of skin irritations are tied to hard water. All of these are symptoms of the need for softened water. Hard water can also produce a rock-like scale that builds up in pipes, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, dishwashers and other water-related appliances. This scale will reduce water flow, clog valves and vents and create maintenance problems reducing the life of your appliances. Related Searches water filter| Water filter supplier| best water filter supplier| best filter supplier| water filter supplier near me| water filter purifier| water filter softener| best water filter softener| best water filter purifier| best water filtration systems for home| reverse osmosis| water testing| water testing contractor| water testing service| water inspection| water filter inspection| water systems| water filtration systems| water softener reverse osmosis| Best Water Filtration Systems for Home| Best Water Filtration Systems for Office| water filtration systems for office| water filtration systems for home Additional Details Monday-Saturday 9 am–8 pm Payment Accepted: cash, all cc GMB Listing https://www.google.com/maps?cid=14700152068173505842


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