DTH Hammer button Bits Exporters in India

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blog details: SVE Drilling is a leading productivity mate for drilling and mining tools and also a trusted name among DTH Hammer Button Bits Exporters in India. DTH button bits give effective drilling, minimum wear and tear- n- gash and chink resistance. Our DTH button bits are designed for easy penetration for water well drilling and blasting holes for mining assiduity. These stand- out features give a one- stop result to match your conditions and hence cost big orders for import. DTH Hammer Button Bits Exporters in India Drilling made possible with DTH Hammer Bits Let us back over your DTH hammers and drilling tools with results and corridor that deliver safety and high productivity. The size of the button bit varies from 3 ” to 18 ” depending upon the demand of DTH hammers. The bits are available in a variety of head forms and shapes that are designed to efficiently drill all types of jewels and ground conditions. DTH Hammer Button Bits Exporters in India, we feed to all your DTH hammer bits conditions. Types of Button Bits Parabolic button bits for medium-hard conformations Ballistic button bits for medium-hard conformations Sharp button bits for fast penetration rates Flat button bits to reduce wear and tear on rubbing shells


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