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blog details: Every day, every minute, technology is progressing and so is progressing the ways of misusing it. With data costing so less and internet being an essential, privacy is just a myth. Every new day a new report emerges of how hackers are hacking social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook. Hackers hack these platforms to sneak into the private lives of the people. Hackers have a new method every time to steal the data. What if you can monitor all the data and save it from being hacked? Well, with Onemonitar android spy app, you can. Recently, a new WhatsApp hack method came into notice in Israel which is hacking through phone’s voice mail systems. In India, WhatsApp has already been struggling with the problems of fake message. Without any doubt, WhatsApp has quite a lot of ways in which it can be hacked. It’s like everyday hackers are finding new ways to hack WhatsApp. The cyber security in Israel have asked the voicemail users with their phone numbers if they do not change their account's default password which is usually either 0000 or 1234, then their WhatsApp accounts are at the risk of being hacked. This thing needs to be taken care of not only for people of Israel, India but people all over the globe. A reliable android spy app can help in this. How is this hacking done and how can a android spy app help? So, for hacking, the hacker uses the voicemail system of the phone to hack the WhatsApp account. The hacking happens when the hacker tries to enter a genuine, real and sincere user's phone number while installing new WhatsApp account on his own phone. The hacker obviously has to enter the wrong security one-time code as the code is sent to the real user's phone number. After several wrong SMS codes, the hacker feeds in, WhatsApp will prompt a message to the user to go for voice verification. So now, WhatsApp will call the real user's phone and speak the verification code. Now, if the user is not present there to answer the call, this code will land up onto their voicemail. Hacker accesses the user’s voicemail account, gets the verification code and hacks WhatsApp. Quite complicated right? But this is how hackers work. Now comes in the work of Onemonitar’s android spy app. So, if you have already installed a android spy app on the target android phone of your child, loved ones or employee to monitor them then, you will get notified if the above-mentioned hacking is taking place. By being notified, you can actually protect your children, loved ones and employee’s android phone from being hacked and take all the preventive measures at the right time. How to use a android Spy App? Using a android spy app is nothing very tough. You don’t have to be worried if you aren’t tech-savvy. A android spy app doesn’t use that much of your technological skills. All the new technology phones and spying on them is made easy with Onemonitar android spy app. Not only does a android spy app gives you the advantages of monitoring your kids on a daily basis but will also keep you updated about your kid’s phone activities and you can even guard the phones before they got hacked. With android spy app, you will always be updated with all the social media apps that are being used by your kids. Also, with GPS location, you will be updated about where your kids are actually. With the growing technology, and launch of new android mobile phones, android spy app has become a necessity for everyone. Always understand the utility first, android spy safeguards your children from all the hacking trouble they might get into. So, on Onemonitar’s official website, you can see an option of demo which shows you how their app functions and how the control panel will be like. The whole process of using android spy app is very simple and user- friendly. Just the way you install any other app on your phone, the same way android spy app needs to be installed on the target android phone. After the application has been installed completely and it starts functioning, the data that gets monitor is sent to you on your control panel. It keeps on synchronizing simultaneously. A stable internet data connection is important for data to be sent to you simultaneously. If you don’t have a stable internet connection at times, then the data is sent after it gets internet connection. For the complete installation process, the target android mobile device will be required physically for a few minutes only. Onemonitar: The best android spy app Onemonitar android tracker app is already being used by more than 5,00,000 users that are happy with its performance. The application is rated the best by its users. It is different from all the other apps as it has been designed and developed in India. If you’re looking for a reliable android spy app then, Onemonitar android spy app is the solution to all your problems. If you want to install Onemonitar android spy app then, you need the target phone for few minutes with you. It’s just a matter of few minutes not more than that. All you have to do is download the app on the target android phone. You can search the packages available on their website and choose the best and purchase it. As per you needs and requirements of monitoring, choose the package. Once purchased it, install it on the device. Once it has been installed, you will be sent the installation guide on your registered email address. With the help of it configuring the android spy app will become easy. Also, if the Onemonitar android spy app has been installed on your target device then, the target user cannot figure if any such app is running on his/her phone nor can they remove the app.

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