Curtain Walling: Modern Façade Trend for High-rise Buildings in London

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blog details: Curtain walling is a popular modern construction technique for creating a non-structural outer façade for structures. This approach has been popular in recent years in London, particularly for high-rise buildings. Curtain walling in London is often composed of lightweight materials such as aluminium and glass, giving the structure a sleek and modern appearance. Curtain walling has also been connected to increased energy efficiency and thermal insulation, as well as increased natural light and ventilation in London. However, there are questions about the endurance and upkeep of curtain walling systems, particularly in London's harsh weather. In recent years, there have been reports of curtain walling failures, which have resulted in safety concerns and costly repairs. Building laws and safety standards for curtain walling systems have been amended in London to address these problems, and new materials and design techniques are being developed to increase the longevity and safety of these systems. Despite these obstacles, curtain walling in London is still a popular choice for modern buildings in London because of its aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

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