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blog details: Specialityvalve is the top Steam Trap Manufacturer in India. A steam trap is a type of valve used in steam systems to automatically discharge condensate (water) and non-condensable gases, while preventing the escape of steam. It is essential for the efficient and safe operation of steam systems. Steam traps work by opening to discharge condensate and non-condensable gases and closing to prevent the escape of steam. There are several types of steam traps, including mechanical traps, thermodynamic traps, and thermostatic traps, each with its own unique operating principle. The choice of steam trap depends on the specific application and operating conditions of the steam system. Effective steam trapping is important to ensure that condensate is removed from the steam system, preventing damage to equipment and reducing energy costs associated with the production and distribution of steam. Specialityvalve is the leading Steam Trap Manufacturer in India which provides a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. We provide 100% customer satisfaction by meeting our customer’s needs Types of steam trap 1. Mechanical traps 2. Thermodynamic traps 3. Thermostatic traps 4. Hybrid traps Advantages of steam trap 1. Energy efficiency 2. Equipment protection 3. Process efficiency 4. Safety 5. Environmental impact Industries of steam trap 1. Power generation 2. Chemical and petrochemical 3. Textile 4. Paper and pulp Available materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel (A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9)Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316] , A105 Size: 1/2" to 4" Nominal Pressure: PN10 to PN250 Class: 150 to 1500

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