Top 5 Netflix shows every digital marketing intern must watch!

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blog details: Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field that requires staying up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and technologies. Having said that, sometimes our brain likes to learn things differently. It likes to take inspiration from what it sees around it. What better way to gain some inspiration, valuable insights and knowledge than by watching shows on popular streaming platforms like Netflix. Moreover you can get an online digital marketing certificate to become a marketer. Unschool is the best online learning designed to bring out the best in you.It is the platform where you can finally stop trying to fit in a system crafted for the masses and learn in a unique way that brings out the best version of you. So, here are the top five Netflix shows that every aspiring digital marketer should watch to gain a better understanding of the field. 1. Abstract: The Art of Design Abstract: The Art of Design is a documentary series that focuses on the lives and works of some of the most creative designers in the world. The show delves into the creative process of different designers, including those in the digital marketing space. By watching this series, you can gain an understanding of how design thinking can be applied to digital marketing to create compelling campaigns. You can also enter the digital marketing space as a paid intern with the Unschool digital marketing job guarantee program. 2. Dirty Money Dirty Money is a documentary series that explores corporate corruption and fraud. While not directly related to digital marketing, this show can provide insight into the unethical practices that some companies engage in. As a digital marketer, it's essential to understand the importance of ethical marketing practices and how they can impact a company's reputation and bottom line. 3. Chef's Table Chef's Table is a documentary series that showcases some of the world's most innovative chefs. While it may not seem like it's relevant to digital marketing at first, this show can provide insight into the importance of storytelling and creating a unique brand identity. By watching how these chefs build their brands and create unique customer experiences, you can gain inspiration for your digital marketing campaigns. Also, you can enroll in a digital marketing job program from Unschool for in-depth concepts. 4. The Great Hack The Great Hack is a documentary that explores how data is collected and used in modern society. The film focuses on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its impact on the 2016 US Presidential election. This documentary is essential for any digital marketer who wants to understand how data is collected and used in online advertising. Unschool's online certificate programs will help you to get on board with the domain. 5. Abstract: The Making of a Marketer Abstract: The Making of a Marketer is a spin-off of the original Abstract series. This documentary follows the lives and careers of five marketing professionals, including David Droga, the founder of Droga5. This show is an excellent watch for anyone wanting to learn more about the different career paths in digital marketing. Conclusion In conclusion, watching these shows can provide valuable insights and knowledge to help you become a better digital marketer. You can develop more effective and impactful digital marketing campaigns by gaining a better understanding of the creative process, ethical practices, storytelling, data collection and usage, and career paths. You can also look at Unschool's digital marketing job program to help you explore the domain, followed by a job in a reputed firm.

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