What’s The Deal With The New Porsche 911?

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blog details: Whenever a new 911 comes out, there are always people who love it, and people that hate it. This is something that has been happening for generations, with the most recent storm of hate being towards the 992. Forum sites such as Rennlist even have a dedicated hate thread to the car. We can even look back to when the 991 generation was released, instead of the car having the 911s staple hydraulic steering, the car had electric steering, something that ruffled the feathers of many enthusiasts. However, for the upcoming 992.2 Generation, Porsche has taken it one step further, by introducing a hybrid-powered 911. With the announcement of the next Boxster/Cayman being fully electric, this news doesn’t come as a massive surprise, but for the purists out there, it will certainly be a shock. Oliver Blume, the CEO of 911 Porsche, announced in a recent interview with CAR magazine, that a hybrid 911 is coming, however, the company have also stated previously that a full EV 911 isn’t coming for a long time, and that they want to keep an internal combustion powered 911 on sale for as long as they can. This comes alongside the recent news of Porsche beginning its production of synthetic fuels in Chile, a carbon natural process that could allow ICE-powered vehicles to live on for decades. Blume also went on to say that the aim for Porsche is to offer internal combustion, hybrid and electric models in each segment the brand offers, giving plenty of choice to its customers. EVs will find their way into the Porsche line-up however, with the Taycan already on sale, the new EV Macan being released at the 2023 LA motor show in November, and the all-electric Boxster/Cayman after that, it gives us a look into what a fully electric range from the brand might be like. Blume stated that the plan is to “add a very sporty hybridization to the 911 line-up” showing that the main reason for adding this model to the line-up is speed; we’ve seen the 992 Turbo S go from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds, so who knows what is possible when the same engineers are let loose with an electric motor? We also know that the car will not be a plug-in hybrid, unlike other e-hybrid models the brand currently offers, and instead will use the same self-charging tech that’s found in the 919 Lemans car. So instead of the hybrid 911 being introduced to try and phase out internal combustion sports cars, it’s there to make them perform even better than before, something that is bound to make Porsche enthusiasts around the world rejoice.

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