What is Point Of Sale Financing?

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Point of sale finance is when a business provides a consumer financing option to clients at the point of sale to help them acquire the good or service. Open circuit credit cards, closed-loop system store cards, and installment loans are all included in the category of consumer finance known as "POS financing."

POS loans have been used for a long time, such as when financing the purchase of large furniture pieces and automobiles. However, because oftechnological advancements that make installment loan alternatives instantly accessible online and on mobile devices, providing explicit payback terms before the credit is taken out, POS lending has grown recently. Because of these developments, point-of-sale financing is now more widely available across all retail segments.

Benefits of POS Financing

Customers of all generations and demographics may purchase with comfort if you offer a financing option at the point of sale. Customers who might not have been able to shop with you now have more access to your company thanks to financing.

A great strategy to boost sales and the effectiveness of your advertising budget is to raise the average order value for your company. Offering POS financing is a good approach to raise your AOV if you're a retailer seeking strategies to do so.

How to offer POS financing?

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you provide point-of-sale financing correctly. We can go over the most popular and convenient tactic:

1.      Make sure your company requires customer financing. Are consumers looking at goods they can't afford to buy right away at full price?

2.      After determining which point-of-sale payment platform best meets your needs, make sure to inform your consumers that consumer finance is an option.

3.      Ideally, customers ought to be able to qualify for financing both in-person and online or via a mobile device.

4.      If a customer is qualified for a POS loan, they should be able to learn about it almost immediately.

5.      The product is delivered quickly to the customer, and you, the store, get paid right away. The loan provider will give the consumer a repayment schedule.

6.      As with using a credit card, be aware that there may be a small fee associated with each transaction.

POS finance and BNPL lending services are available to merchants through ChargeAfter's lending platform. ChargeAfter's financing platform can act as a third-party lender or white-label provider for your business, depending on whether you require financing for online or in-person purchases.

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