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blog details: We understand your frustration, but it’s as simple as this: humans come in so many different shapes and sizes that it would be impossible to create a universal standard that could apply to everyone of the same gender. Within the same regions, there are differences, and even within the same country, clothing sizes are not standardised. In some cases, customers find that they can’t even wear the same size in different styles from the same brand! It has been suggested that the phenomenon of different sizing between stores and within brands is mostly a women’s issue – since many items of clothing for men are sold by measurements in centimetres or inches. However, this is likely to be an issue for children’s sizing – there are some children that are much bigger than others, and that need to size up considerably. That means as a DropShipper, you’ve still got to be careful to list clothing measurements carefully. Fashions, and different styles of clothing have existed in countries for decades and the technology to mass-produce ready-to-wear garments has been around since the 1800s – which means that different clothing size conventions have been around in different countries for almost as long. Taking into account different styles of national dress, and for more conservative countries, the requirement to cover certain areas of the body, means that it’s just not possible to create a ‘universal’ sizing system.

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