What are the different types of arthritis?

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blog details: There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related disease. The most common types are osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and Gout. In osteoarthritis, the protective cartilage inside the joint wears away. This makes the movement of affected joints difficult and painful. The intensity of osteoarthritis pain may vary from person to person and can range from mild to severe. In Rheumatoid arthritis, the joints and other organs are attacked by the body’s immune system. Normally the immune system protects the human body from invaders like viruses, and bacteria. In rheumatoid arthritis, it becomes overactive and attacks healthy tissues. In people with autoimmune diseases like RA, persistent inflammation breaks down the joint and damages it permanently. A gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis but it does not cause body-wide inflammation like RA. In Gout, uric acid crystals are the roots of the problem. Excess uric acid can form crystals in joints. This results in painful joint inflammation. Gout usually strikes the large joint of the big toe, but can also affect other joints. Knee Replacement is surgery of accuracy and perfection. Dr. Jhurani is one of the most experienced and Best Knee Replacement Surgeons in Jaipur, India. Nowadays, knee problems are common. Many people are suffering from different kinds of knee or hip joint pains. Two types of problems are popular in knee replacement treatment such as partial knee replacement or knee replacement. Both have similarities in one thing is that they occur in the knee, meanwhile creating a lot of pain in your knees, due to which you can’t move, walk or run. There should not be a second thought that will lie in your head about the best surgeon or best orthopedic transplant in Jaipur, undoubtedly it’s Dr. Anoop Jhurani, the best surgeon who can perform the perfect knee replacement or partial knee replacement in Jaipur. Total knee replacement is a different case. Mostly occur because of age factors, injuries, or any other childhood disease. In a partial knee replacement, some bones or tissues are going to be replaced, if they are damaged or inactive. Majorly, it happens due to arthritis.

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