A Beginner’s Guide to Wig Making Certification Course 2023

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If you believe Wig making is a perplexing course for students then this blog is for you all. Many students know the importance of joining wig making certification classes for a better future. 

Maybe you are not completely familiar with this course, so we have decided to guide you about the things that teachers will teach students to make them experts in wig-making.

What Three Things You Will Learn in This Course?

Well, experts have divided it into three categories- 

  • Machine made wigs 
  • Hand-tied wigs 
  • Wig repair customization

First off, let’s learn about Machine made wigs. When you choose the best university for this course they will teach you machine-made wigs within two days. Apart from telling you the items to bring in classes, you will learn the topics related to tools needed for wig making, mold making and client consultation, stitching practice, etc on day one. They will also teach you about sewing machines. The second day is all about learning to make frontal and closure units.

Now let’s talk about the Hand-tied wig course and here the days are similar to machine-made wigs. Your first day will begin with the introduction of tools that are much needed for wig-making. They will talk about client consultation, measurements and mold making. You can brush up your skills by learning pattern-making and blocking and ventilating techniques. 

How Wig Repair and Customization Is Different?

On the First day, students will grab the knowledge related to wip stitching and ventilation techniques. Not only they will talk about tools for wig repair but also how to customize hairline, enlarge or take in units, and patch holes and rips. 

On the second day of wig making certification classes, learn the process of how to replace closures, caps, and frontals. You should also note down the tips that teachers going to share regarding restyling synthetic units.

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