5 Steps To Move Forward Being Redundant

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blog details: Redundancy refers to the process when employers have to let go of their employees due to circumstances like situational factors unrelated to job performance or behaviour of the individual. Relocation of business, economic reasons, termination of the title of job, limited funding are some reasons for the same. 1.Evaluate your current position. It is thought that if you are in your adulthood, underpaid and overworked, you are an asset to your employer and company. The older you get and the more salary you accumulate and the better are your chances of redundancy. 2.Get done with the work you are planning to do later. It is important to figure out what are the next career options for you after being laid off. Visit employment agencies, explore the freelance market and plan exactly how you will earn your living in case of any unforeseen circumstance. 3.Never let your employer feel that you will leave. A heartless employer will get rid of you in case you say any such statement where you state that the job is not of much importance to you. It is important to focus on one’s work and maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with the employer. 4.Do not let your enthusiasm show if you know that a redundancy selection procedure is going to take place or is taking place. Companies try to get rid of the poorer performers and will look at absenteeism, skills, disciplinary records, annual appraisals and other indicators. Make sure you leave no scope of such. 5.Accept that you will be unlikely to get a well enough generous pay-off in a small company. Many people looking for redundancy would be told that they are too late or wrong, and also have no chance and then suddenly they are given an offer to join the same. It is said that “The trick is persistence.” Reviewing key personnels and their ability to take on additional roles within the company and evaluating the employment history of each employee in that particular role is an important task in evaluating potentially redundant roles.


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