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blog details: The Premier & Holistic Provider of Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe Amenities Eastworld Sales Philippines, Inc. has been serving the country’s premier hotels, beach resorts, spas, Airbnbs, hospitals, and restaurants since 1988. It is our vision to help our clients bring joy to their guests and consumers with products that help enhance the hospitality experience. Our products range from hotel room amenities, luxury hotel products, including toiletries and bathroom amenities. And to keep our product portfolio dynamic, we source these products both locally and internationally. In recent years, we have also expanded our offerings to include food-related items such as rice, frozen food, and even LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas). Services that we offer for you: Packaging -From shampoo bottles, soap foils, to dental kit boxes, we provide high-quality packaging that helps secure your amenities. We cater to your packaging needs and can easily accommodate any customization preferences you might have along with it. Our company is equipped with the machinery needed to ensure superior packaging, including automatic filling and packaging machines. Coupled with quality testing, we deliver your needs with confidence, accuracy, and efficiency. Printing - Alongside our mission to deliver high-quality customize printing amenities for you and your business, we want to ensure that you get products just as you need them to be: uniquely yours and reflective of you and your brand identity.

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