Why Are Deerhead Chihuahuas Getting So Hard to Find?

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blog details: The American Kennel Club AKA: "AKC" is the pioneer and governing authority of breed standards and long-standing record keeper of breeding histories since the late 1800s. Chihuahuas have evolved, yet seemingly always had 2 distinctive looks, coupled with everything in between. Dreamerspups was recently featured on PupVine where an outstanding informational summary was written about this paradigm. The headline states: "Are There Any Deer Head Chihuahua Breeders In The USA?". A sentiment that has had Taco Bell chihuahua lovers feeling down on their luck in trying to find the attributes they have come to love so much in the chihuahua breed in times passed. I'm featuring the article in it's entirety here to shed light on why finding a little deerhead chihuahua for so many, that resembles their childhood pet, has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. Read Complete Blog Here - https://www.dreamerspups.com/post/why-are-deerheads-so-hard-to-find

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