What Is Seekho Kamao Yojna In Madhya Pradesh ?

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blog details: MP News In Hindi - As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, "Seekho aur Kamao" is a skill development and livelihood generation scheme launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. It is an initiative under the Directorate of Skill Development and Employment Generation in the state. The main objective of the seekho aur kamao yojana is to provide skill training to unemployed youth and help them acquire industry-relevant skills and knowledge. Through this program, the government aims to enhance the employability of the youth, promote entrepreneurship, and generate employment opportunities, Bhopal News In Hindi. Key Features Of The Seekho Aur Kamao Yojana: Madhya Pradesh News In Hindi Skill Training: The scheme offers various skill development training programs in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, information technology, etc. These training programs are designed to meet the current demands of the job market. Placement Support: After the completion of the skill training, the government provides assistance in finding suitable job opportunities for the trained candidates. They may also facilitate self-employment opportunities for those interested in starting their own ventures. Target Beneficiaries: The scheme primarily targets unemployed youth, school dropouts, and those from economically weaker sections of society. Training Partners: The government collaborates with various training institutes, vocational training centers, and industries to provide quality skill training to the beneficiaries, madhya pradesh news in hindi. Financial Support: The selected beneficiaries may receive financial assistance in the form of stipends or subsidies during their training period. Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation: The program is monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure its effectiveness and make necessary improvements. The seekho aur kamao yojana aims to empower the youth of madhya pradesh by equipping them with skills that can lead to better employment prospects and contribute to the overall development of the state's workforce. However, it's essential to verify any recent updates or changes in the scheme as government initiatives may evolve over time, Madhya pradesh news in hindi.

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