Struggling with slow internet on the laptop? Read how to fix

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blog details: Let’s understand the difference between internet bandwidth and internet speed. Bandwidth is defined as the amount of information received every second. It is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). On the other hand, Internet speed refers to the rate at which information is received. How much bandwidth do you require? A high speed internet connection and bandwidth are necessary for each task. For emails and browsing approximately 1 Mbps is sufficient. Whereas, streaming and working from home requires a minimum of 25 Mbps speed. Different activities have varying bandwidth requirements. For work from home and e-learning, a minimum of 25 Mbps is recommended. Video streaming requires 2.5 Mbps to 1080 Mbps and a minimum of 10 Mbps for file downloading. You could also do a quick internet bandwidth test online. This could give you a clear idea of your bandwidth. If the amount of bandwidth is not meeting your needs, there are ways to increase your bandwidth.


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