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blog details: Finding an African Grey Parrot for Sale The African grey parrot is one of the most popular pet bird species. African greys are renowned for their intelligence, ability to talk, and close bonds they form with owners. Their charismatic nature and long lifespan makes them highly sought after. If you’re looking to purchase an African grey parrot, here is what you need to know. Breeder or Rescue? There are two main options when acquiring an African grey for sale: Purchase from Reputable Breeder Seek out responsible, experienced breeders that focus on African greys. Ask about parent birds’ health and temperament. Some allow visits to see their aviary conditions. Adopt through Parrot Rescue Many greys need rehoming due to owner difficulties. Rescues thoroughly vet birds for adoption suitability. Often more cost friendly. Either way, do research to find an ethical source with the bird’s wellbeing in mind. Quarantine Your New Bird Once purchased, quarantine any new parrot for 30-45 days before introducing to your home. Have an avian vet perform a health exam during this time. Quarantine prevents spread of diseases. What to Expect Price-Wise African greys range from $1000 to $2000 for a hand-fed baby from a breeder. Adoption fees are often $400 to $800 for an older bird. Spending more doesn’t guarantee quality. Focus on reputable sources. Personality and Temperament African greys vary in personality just like people. Some are outgoing and silly, while others are more reserved. Meet the bird if possible to evaluate temperament. Consider experience level of prior owners and factor that into your match. Key Considerations Activity level Vocal tendencies Disposition Reaction to strangers Choose a grey best fitting your lifestyle and experience. Ensure Proper Housing These large parrots need lots of space. Minimum cage size is 36”W x 24”D x 40”H. Buy the biggest cage possible and supplement with play stands.Horizontal bars allow climbing. Add varied perches, toys, dishes. Essential Accessories Perches of multiple sizes Large water and food bowls Shredding/foraging toys Swings, ropes, platforms Be Ready for a Long Commitment African greys live 40-60 years in captivity. Make sure you can provide a lifelong stable home. Have an emergency plan if unexpected life events occur. Rehoming parrots causes great stress. Owning an African grey is incredibly rewarding but requires dedication. With the right research, an ethical source, and proper care, an African grey can become a beloved family member for decades to come.

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