How Do You Choose the Proper Cat Scratching Post?

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Cats instinctively scratch soft objects in their territory, whether it's an expensive couch or a rug. Avoid soiling your home and offer them a more attractive alternative - a cat scratching post or a rest area with areas to scratch, play, and relax. With a well-chosen model, you can meet their basic needs and give them a quiet place to watch the world, play, and relax. To specify what kind of cat furniture or scratching post you want, you must first identify and gather the aspects you want to see in the new product.

First of all, you need to consider the following questions:

• What should you pay attention to make the best decision for you?

• How much does a piece of cat furniture or scratching post cost today, and what are the features of each model?

• What should you consider when deciding on price, type, or location?

• What are the latest innovations you should hear about?

• What are the security features of cat furniture that can prevent any threat?

Think About the Pros and Cons

Think about what you like and don't like about the product you've used before; look at what friends and relatives are using; or look at the TOP products on different websites and check out some of the models to see which are the best sellers. To help you understand more easily what the features mean, read the following to make your choice easier. First, make a list of the most essential elements that a cat scratching post must have.

Cats, especially the smaller ones, have a lot of energy but also a desire to explore, and most cats are always up for something terrible, or so it might seem to people. Since cats are essentially nocturnal creatures and predators, keeping them busy and dampening their energy during the day to get a good night's rest and not wake up to kittens galloping around is a good idea. If you have less time to play with your cat during the day, a cat scratching post can open up new paths and possibilities for your cat.

Wooden Scratching Post for Cats

Cat furniture with hanging toys and curiosities is particularly suitable for this purpose. Although, at first glance, a scratching post takes up a lot of space, there are several sizes and looks to choose from, so you can choose cat furniture that fits the size of your room. That can save your furniture from the cat's claws and keep your cat busy, whether playing or relaxing. One of the most popular types of scratching posts resembles a tree. It offers a variety of elements - resting places, hanging toys, ropes, tunnels, houses, etc.

Wall-Mounted Scratching Posts

Hanging a cat scratching post saves space by being fixed only to the wall. There are many different types in this category, such as corner scratchers, scratching boards, shelves, or mats, but you can also hang a pole in the shape of a tree. Very simple and famous are also scratch cylinders. There are several types, from simple cylinders to dangling or sheltered cylinders. On the plus side, they serve as both play areas and hiding places, which is essential because cats like to find hidden corners where they can feel safe.

The supporting structure of the rest areas and scratching posts can be made of cardboard, wood, or MDF. Cardboard is the least durable. Cats can easily scratch it with their sharp claws, making your house messy. Soft materials, usually plush, are used on the surface of the resting areas for cats to claw and climb on. Boards and other scratching posts are covered with sisal twine or knitted material. Sisal is a coarse material that resembles bark and is very attractive to cats. Animals generally prefer this material over furniture and other household items.

Not All Cats Are the Same

Some cats don't like sisal fibers; their claws get stuck, slowing their scratching. Alternatives include jute, carpet, or natural wood. Ideally, the materials used for scratching should differ from those used inside the house so that the cat can more easily distinguish what can and cannot defecate. Also, consider the stability of the cat scratching post. That can be ensured by a sufficiently broad base or fixing it to the wall. Above all, it must be stable enough to withstand the play of wild cats and not tip over. Unstable models can injure household members and the cat.

A scratch tree or a relaxer is quite a prominent element of an interior, so consider the design when choosing it, just as you would a piece of furniture. There are simple models and designer jewelry on the market that will be an exciting addition to your interior. You can choose between corner models, shelves and niches suspended in the room, and cat trees that reach the ceiling. Before you buy, try laying newspapers on the floor to understand better how much space the cat scratching post will take up.

Size and Maintenance

The sizes are very different. It depends on the type and construction. In the case of vertical structures, focus on the size of the base. That must be as high as possible concerning the height, or the design must allow fixing to the wall. The trunk of the scratching tree must be at least 10 cm higher than the cat. There are also models on the market designed exclusively to be fixed to the wall, similar to shelves. When it comes to size, keep in mind that some cat furniture designs can be very tall.

Therefore, be sure to measure the ceiling height in your home and choose a smaller cat scratching post so your cat can company to be able to enjoy the upper part of the furniture. Cats use the sisal part of the scratching post to sharpen their claws. These gradually wear them down and injure them. When the sisal area is damaged, it should be covered again with a sisal string or bandage or replaced with a new one. Before you buy a scratcher, find out if the parts are replaceable and how much new ones cost.

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