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blog details: Simplify Hemming with Our Reliable Hemming Tape Solutions Experience the simplicity and reliability of our Banner Hem Tape solutions at Banner Ups. No more struggling with sewing machines or folding double-sided tape. Our banner hem tapes are designed to streamline the process of fixing pole pockets and replacing retractable banner stands. Rest assured, our hem tapes guarantee steadfast and enduring adherence, ensuring your banners stay secure and professional-looking. The true beauty of our tape lies in its simplicity – it eliminates the need for the cumbersome process of folding over double-sided tape to achieve a banner hem. Instead, just place the tape over our innovative PowerTabs along the upper and lower edges on the banner's reverse side. Hemming your vinyl banners has never been easier or more effective. Choose Banner Ups for a hassle-free banner hemming solution https://bannerups.com/adhesivetapes/

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