Why Should You Use Shockwave Therapy?

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blog details: Like a good percentage of Australians, you are probably often faced with severe muscle pain that makes your everyday tasks a chore. Because of the posture of your office chair, do you frequently suffer from muscle pain? Has typing on your laptop caused you to experience Carpal Syndrome? Do you have Bursitis? In this case, ESWT can be an effective and non-invasive treatment to improve your situation. When applied by a licensed chiropractor, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, or ESWT, can be one of the most reliable and cost-friendly ways to restore joint mobility, resolve chronic pain and reduce inflammation. The effectiveness of shockwave treatment is clinically proven, and it can reduce the pain you feel without the need for painkillers. Moreover, it can be a method worth trying before invasive surgeries, which should be a last resort. Depending on the condition affecting you and the intensity of the pain, anywhere between three and five ESWT sessions may be required. However, this number is conservative and subject to the advice of your medical practitioner. Adverse effects of ESWT are virtually non-existent, and the positive impact on the patient's mobility can be noticeable less than 24 hours after the first treatment session.

How Does It Work?

The basic principle of shockwave treatment is quite simple, following a holistic approach specific to the methods used in chiropractic. An ESWT generates localised mini-shock waves that penetrate the skin and target the muscular or bony area affected. Once the low-frequency sound waves reach the damaged tissue, they act mechanically on it and foster increased vascularisation, promoting cell growth and reducing inflammation. Essentially, shockwave therapy harnesses the body's natural healing abilities, increases collagen production, and acts at the molecular level to activate the electrical pathways that tell the brain that tissues need repairing. Shockwave treatment interacts with the transmission of signals between pain receptors. Moreover, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels, improving local vascularisation and effectively treating complex conditions such as Tendinopathies or Bursitis. Does it work? Yes. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is scientifically proven to have a significant effect in reducing pain associated with herniated discs, improper posture or generalised non-specific lower back pain. Does this mean ESWT can work for any musculoskeletal disease? No, there are limits to any treatment. However, shockwave treatment can be a valuable method to consider before using invasive treatments. Furthermore, compared to other treatments, ESWT is cost-effective, and improvements are usually visible after the first round of therapy.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Shockwave Treatment?

ESWT can be used to manage a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions affecting more and more Australians yearly. Do you sit on your feet often, and because of this, you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis? Then, ESWT can reduce inflammation around your heels and promote cell repair. Are you experiencing Tendinopathy of your elbow or Achilles tendon? In this case, the mechanical properties of low-frequency shockwaves may have an anti-inflammatory effect, which promotes long-term healing. Shockwave therapy can treat conditions that affect mobility and quality of life, from Bursitis to hip pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or conditions affecting the shoulder rotator cuff. What's more, the price of an ESWT session is affordable, and the results are fast. Shockwaves are short, low-frequency sound waves that have a mechanical effect on the affected area. The shockwaves produced by an ESWT deliver a high-pressure pulse that lasts about ten milliseconds, followed by a vibration at a higher frequency that gives a second shock to the targeted tissue. The first, lower intensity pulse, has a mechanical effect, promoting vascularisation and operating on the pain receptors. The second, with a higher frequency range, reduces the number of gas bubbles trapped in the tissue and decreases inflammation. At least, that's the theory. In reality, no one knows precisely how ESWT works. But the results speak for themselves. ESWT has been proven effective for widespread back pain, heel spurs, sciatica or herniated discs.

What Other Treatments Can Be Used with ESWT?

Do you want to use a local chiropractor for your frequent back pain? Do you suffer from ailments such as bursitis or spondylosis of the cervical spine? In this case, with ESWT, your specialist may use spinal manipulation to align your lumbar column and use stretching exercises to restore joint mobility. Your specialist may also employ remedial massage to soothe muscles and promote relaxation. These treatments aim to help you get rid of pain, increase your range of motion and prevent the current issues from recurring in the future. When combined with other methods like cold laser therapy or spine corrections, ESWT has an increased efficacy and can play a significant role in finding a long-term treatment that strengthens the musculature of the back and restores proper spinal alignment. How efficient is ESWT? In the treatment of Epicondylitis, extracorporeal shockwave therapy is an effective method suitable for non-invasive conservative treatments. The same applies to knee Tendinopathies and other conditions affecting the soft tissues around the joints. ESWT promotes red cell production, increases vascularisation in painful areas, influences pain receptors, and is cheaper than long-term localised physiotherapy.

It Will Be in Your Best Interest

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive method of reducing pain or inflammation associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Do you suffer from frequent back pain? Have you been diagnosed with a mild herniated disc or spondylosis? If so, ESWT is an option. Shockwave treatment is indicated for people who do not want to experience invasive procedures associated with prolonged recovery periods. ESWT is risk-free, highly effective against most spinal ailments, does not require recovery, and can be combined with other chiropractic treatments whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. Is ESWT the treatment for all diseases that affect us? No, but it's effective against most spinal issues. ESWT stimulates the body's natural healing mechanism, targets the areas affected by pain, and can be a helpful treatment for chronic conditions that cannot be helped by conventional medicine. Do you suffer from Degenerative Spinal Stenosis? In this case, if you don't want to try surgical treatment, the relief you receive will, at most, only keep your symptoms at bay. ESWT, in this sense, can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility, just as corticosteroid injections or traditional physical therapy can. ESWT works, and in the hands of a professional, it could be your ticket to a pain-free life.


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