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blog details: If a business has large and heavy goods, how can they ship them by ocean in containers? Break bulk cargo and Heavy transportation is the answer to this question. Goods that are too big, and dangerous to ship in standard shipping containers are known as break bulk cargo. Break bulk cargo is loaded on the deck, under the deck, and between the decks of a cargo vessel on pallets, in bags, drums, or other forms. Bulk transportation requires big & heavy containers for storage. Benefits of Break Bulk Cargo and Heavy Duty Cargo Containers Storage Break bulk cargo transportation is beneficial for the business who wants to transport oversized cargo. Major benefits of heavy cargo transportation are: You don't have to deconstruct or dismantle the goods before exporting. Heavy Cargo shipping makes the transportation of large and heavy goods more affordable. It overcomes the problem of deconstruction of goods for transportation in various containers. Break Bulk Cargo Transportation is useful for industrial and agricultural goods. To make things easy for you, SLR Shipping is there to help you in bulk cargo shipping. Don’t forget to contact us since SLR Shipping is the best Heavy Transport company in the UAE. To know more about our services, click here

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