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blog details: Cybercrime is known as the biggest and the most dangerous enemy one can have in this exclusive digital age. And we think no one would deny the fact that we have seen a distinct rise in cyber-attacks since the cryptocurrencies began to have financial worth in real-time. And to cater to the threat, crypto wallet services were created, and therefore, we came across the MetaMask Extension. This extension is a browser plugin wallet that all Ethereum-based crypto traders can make use of because the platform only supports the use of ETH and other ERC20 tokens. Here, in the below read, we’ll be taking you through the major procedures that would help you begin your journey with the MetaMask Wallet which offers exclusive benefits to all wallet account holders. How will get the wallet extension on your preferred browser? First things first, you need to understand that you can get the MetaMask extension only when you are using a compatible web browser, and now, go through the enlisted to complete the download steps for the extension (let’s say on Chrome): 1. Visit the official wallet site on Chrome. 2. Choose “Download” or “Download Now” (whichever you see). 3. Either hit the “Chrome” tile or the Chrome icon. 4. Now, keep up with “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension”. Get the installed extension to open on the browser Now, let us help you with launching the MetaMask Extension as soon as it gets installed on your Chrome browser: 1. Search the MetaMask icon on your Chrome toolbar. 2. Hit it open as and when you find it. 3. If you are unable to find it, proceed with the “puzzle piece”. 4. Search the list of all plugins and open the extension from there. Want us to help you with the wallet setup procedure? This section has been equipped with the steps that can help you set up your wallet account on the MetaMask Extension: 1. Once you’ve launched the plugin, begin with the “Get Started” tile. 2. Then, move up with “Create a wallet” and scroll through the pre-set terms. 3. Place a check on the “I Agree” box and submit an appropriate password. 4. Pace up with the onscreen prompts and wrap it up with “Create”. Conclusion To conclude the short but detailed read above, we think that MetaMask would be the best choice for all storing, holding and even trading your ETH and other ERC20-based crypto tokens. The benefits and features packed into the design of the MetaMask extension drips of efficiency and it got us convinced. Going through the read above, you’ve learned the explicit steps that have been created first to download the wallet extension onto your browser; second, to launch the installed extension; and third, to create a user account on the wallet platform. Try it – we promise it’ll be an experience of a lifetime.


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